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Northchapel, Ebernoe and the surrounding areas.
A virtual guide for visitor and residents.
Signpost- part of an original photo by Christian Court

On the A283 North of Petworth, close to the Surrey Border and Blackdown Hill.
Now a peaceful part of West Sussex it is hard to believe that Northchapel was once in the centre of the glass and iron industries. A charcoal factory was established near Northchapel during the 19th century. Noah Mann the Sussex cricketer was born here in 1756 and he became the landlord of the Half Moon Inn. He died at the age of 33 after falling into his own pub fire when asleep after coming back from a hard day's shooting and is buried in Northchapel churchyard.
Another famous person in Northchapel was Bruce Bairnsfather, the First World War artist, and who created that wonderful character Old Bill.
see a short history of Northchapel

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Lat-Long: - 51.05 [51º3'] | -0.64 [0º38']
Ordnance Survey grid ref- SU952295
phone code- 01428
post code- GU28
postal town- Petworth
Nearest railway station Haslemere 3¾ miles - view station facilities
Clerk of Northchapel Parish Council
Mrs Helen Cruikshank
contact details
Northchapel Parish Council Website
Events, local campaigns & Parish News
Ebernoe Parish Council Clerk
Mr R A F Ford
contact details
click here for complete list of area parish clerks
population in 1851 was 843
population in 1861 was 785.
population in 2001 was 813 [census] - 316 households
Northchapel - a short history

St. Michaels, Northchapel
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St Michael's Church
The Rectory, Northchapel
01428 707373
click here
Holy Trinity Church
Ebernoe with Northchapel
Incumbent: as Northchapel
Keith Sandieson
35 years at
Half Moon Pub

July 2017
Keith Sandieson, Half Moon Pub

Northchapel Post Office & Stores
Northchapel Post Office, Stores
click for photosDrapers Cottage, London Road
01428 707201
hours of business-
Mon-Fri:- 0800 - 1800
Sat: 0800 - 1930
Sun: 0830 - 1130
for post office hours, click here - - click for photos

Ex Northchapel Man dies in NZ Falls accident30 Sep.2011
Ex Northchapel Man dies in NZ waterfall accident.
Ian Randall, Rastus
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Northchapel Primary 1966 - 1967 - click

Know anyone here?
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Northchapel School 1920s - 1930s - click

1954 Darts Team, Northchapel
Can you help fill in the missing names
the Swan Pub, Northchapel, Darts Team c.1954

1998 Primary School, Northchapel
Northchapel Primary September 1998

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AirNav Beacon
Bruce Bairnsfather
Bus Timetables
Census Northchapel - 1841 - 1851
Census 2001
Darts Team, Swan Pub, 1954 photos
Directory, Northchapel
Directory, Rother Valley
Drapers Cottage
Fire Service
Forge cottage - the Poorhouse
Goffs farm
Half Moon Inn -
Hall - Village
Hammer Cottages
Ian Randall
John Fagg
Kelly Mason [Rose] wedding Mar.08
Lawrence, Ronald
Maps Northchapel
Map, large of area
Mobile Library dates
Motorcross at Northchapel
Noah Mann & son
Old photos of Northchapel
Pact with the devil
Parish Council Website
Pat Przepiorka
Photos of Northchapel
Pipers Lane
Post office and stores
Post Office Directory - 1851 - 1867
Primary school
Primary school photo 1966 - 67
satellite image
School photos 1920-30
Snowstorm April 2008
Society of Dependents
Tolls list Northchapel Tollhouse
Vintage images of Northchapel
Working Mens Club

snow April 2008
 by John Keet
Easter Snow
6 April 2008 - - photos by John Keet

Xmas Lights of St Michaels Close, Northchapel 
19 December 2006
Xmas Lights of St Michaels Close
19 December 2006 - by Ed Warren

Walk around Northchapel 
19 December 2006
Walk around Northchapel
24 October 2006 - by Ed Warren

Unimog ploughing at Rally
17 August 2008 - by mcormickdriver

Northchapel Colts Under 11s
27 May 2007 - by Ed Warren

More Northchapel Snow
24 Jan 2007 - by Ed Warren

Miscellaneous articles: -
Robbery at Flower Bowl Garage Dec.2014
Plane crash lands Pipers Lane Sep.2014
Five vehicle crash, Fisher street Oct.2011
Hall to get further £10,000 Dec.2008
Lottery to help fund hall facelift Jun.2008
Village faces council tax hike Jan.2008
Northchapel Man dies in crash Dec.2006
School closes due to heat Jul.2006
Village award, Alan Titchmarsh 2006
Swift action saves 4yr old in pool Sep.2005
Colts & Seagulls - Ed Warren Jun.2004
Britney Spears & Northchapel Apr.2004
School bus crash Feb.1999

Accident & incident reports

Sunday, 9 Sep 2012, 2.15pm
Fatal motorcycle crash
A283 Northchapel

Flower Bowl Garage robbed

15 December 2014

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Photo:- Colin Smith, July 2012
Northchapel junior, Harley Howick,  looks for bigger fish
click for 2005 photos archive
Northchapel junior
looks for bigger fish.

Compass Bus - service 96
Northchapel - Lurgashall - Selham - Midhurst
via Fisher Street - Graffham - Heyshott - Lodsworth
Countryliner has ceased trading Countryliner Route 505
Northchapel - Haslemere-Shottermill
8 Oct.2012
more bus routes here

16 August, 1940 - World War 2

A German Heinkel 111 bomber was shot down by a Hawker Hurricane over Northchapel. One of the German bombers wings came off and it came down, in flames, like a sycamore seed. It crashed into a field on Upper Frithfold Farm, off Pipers Lane, exploding its full bomb load. The crew were buried in Ebernoe Church yard until 1964, when they were disinterred. The crater made by the explosion is still there.

  This is part of an article in preparation

Ebernoe lime kiln
Northchapel Lime kilns
20 found in one area
Belchambers of Kirdford and Northchapel
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Pubs & hotelsRother Valley - pubs | hotels
Deepwell Inn closed
Half Moon Inn London Rd, Northchapel info 01428 707270
Working Men's Club The Green, Pipers Lane info 01428 707297
Bed & Breakfast page top
Ashleigh Fisherstreet, Northchapel 01428 707229
Half Moon Inn London Rd, Northchapel info 01428 707270
Services When you visit or call please mention Gravelroots page top
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Shere 4X4 London Road, Northchapel Garage Services & sales 01428 707004
Simmonds Saws Common Piece, N,chapel mowers & chainsaws - Sales repairs 01428 707269
Old Mill Guns Old Mill Farm, Lurgashall shotguns, rifles, accessories, repairs sales 01798 861747
Raker Limited Colhook Ind. Est.N,chapel Gunsmiths 01428 708102
APDT Peacocks Fm, Northchapel Association of Pet Dog Trainers 01428 707620
Post Office StoresLondon Road, Northchapel click for opening hours | Post Office details 01428 707201
Perfect Portables London Road, Northchapel portable toilets, secure lock ups Site office hire 01428 708176
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Michael Chevis, Photographer, West Street, Midhurst, West Sussex

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