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The Rother Valley
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Easebourne, Midhurst
Medical Centre

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Riverbank Medical Centre Dodsley Lane. Easebourne
see map - ref D1

Health Centre
01730 812121
Cottage Hospital
01730 813105
No Accident & Emergency available
see below
St. Richards Hospital, Chichester
[Accident & Emergency]
01243 788122

Nov.1999 - Doctors & patients move
Aug. 2007 - Parking problems
The Health centre was originally based in
Lamberts Lane, Midhurst. The Riverbank
site became operational on 15 Dec. 1999
see below

Photo of Riverbanks Health centre
© Phil Dixon 2006
photo 2006 - - photos of this area

Midhurst Health Centre History

Between the 2 World Wars Midhurst had 2 practices with 2 doctors in each surgery. Dr. Ronnie Lush arrived in 1920 and did not retire until 1970.
Dr. Helena Pudney arrived before WW2 and worked through it with great dedication to also eventually retire in 1970.
Following the war, there were many changes when in 1948 the 2 practices were amalgamated, working at the "Old Surgery". The doctors at this time were Ronald Lush, Helena Pudney, Jack Byrne and Desmond Hanbury.
In 1964 the "New Surgery" was completed in Lamberts Lane. On the retirement of Dr. Lush and Dr. Pudney in 1970, Dr.Davis and Dr. Guthrie arrived.
In the early 1970s the surgery became a Health Centre, was expanded and opened fully in 1972. At the end of the 1970s, Dr. Hanbury and Dr. Byrne retired to be followed by Drs. Horne and Marien, and in 1983, Dr Hudson gave up her locum work to become a half time partner.
In July 1992, Dr. Lush retired after 30 years and was replaced by Alex MacCallum. In september 1995 it became a fundholding practice enabling a wider range of patient care services to be accessed. Although many internal improvements were made up to this time, further expansion was not possible and the practice began looking for new purpose built premises.
In 1999 the new Riverbanks Centre became operational and the Lamberts Lane surgery was closed down. There is now housing on this site.

cover of Health centre handbook 1998
image © gravelroots

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