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West Sussex, England

St. Lukes

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St. Lukes
Linch, West Sussex
Linch Road, Woodmansgreen, Linch, West Sussex GU30 7NF

[Revd Canon Anthony Hulbert] - 2008
see New Rector for Linch - Rev David Renshaw - 5 May 2011
Linch Rectory, Fernhurst Road, Milland, Liphook, GU30 7LU
01428 741285
Church of England
Built 1712
Architect: Peter Bettesworth
ACNY - details, services & history
Stained Glass Windows, St. Luke
photos of windows are in gallery
Clergy, Linch Parish, list from 1224

St. Lukes Photo Gallery

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Information shown here was taken, in part,
from that displayed in St. Lukes church porch.
April 2007
The Baptism, 1442 [National Gallery, London]
Piero della Francesca [1420-92]
One of the great artists of the early Italian Renaissance
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view original painting
Mural in St. Lukes Church, Linch
Piero della Francesca's - The Baptism of Christ

This mural is the work of 34 local artists who attend 2 painting & drawing classes in Midhurst.
It was set by their tutor Annie Rolls to be done in the Spring term 2005. Each artist was given a small section taken from a poster of the painting. They each made an A3 enlargement of their section in a style and medium of their choice. There are examples of water colour, oils, acrylic, pastel and collage.

Names of some of the Artists are as follows:
Linda Atkinson
Judith Bailey
Diana Best
Lilla Bowditch
Michael Carter
Brenda Clare
Norman Crockford
Christine Dean
Wilson Dennett
Ann Harold
Michael Hill
William Knighton
Ledbury *
Joan Lloyd
Anne Lovejoy
Monroe *
Moran *
Marjorie O'Dell
Oomkens *
Palmer *
Pite *
Rosemary Potter
Heather Shearing
Sister Mary
Sister Monica
Gwyneth Smith
Michael Snape
Mary Spreckley
Carolyn Wetherup
Frank White
Wholey *
Catterina Willson
Jessica Rolls
Annie Rolls
* awaiting Christian names

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