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Guildhall clock, Guildford
A collection of old Guildford photographs
Part of the Gravelroots UK Vintage Trail

Old Croydon Surrey
High Street
Bulls Head & Town Hall
Postcard unused
contributed- Glyn Ventress
archive 20
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Old Guildford Guildford
High Street
postcard used 1903
Friths published 1903
archive 20
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Old Guildford Guildford
High Street
postcard posted 1932
archive 20
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Old Guildford Guildford
High Street
c.late 1930s
postcard unused
archive 20
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Old Guildford Guildford
High Street looking into
Market Street

IWM D25198
archive 20
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Old Guildford Guildford
High Street
photo by David960
9 August, 2014
archive 20
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A town in the county of Surrey originally at a ford across the River Wey that runs through the town. Guildford prospered as a result of the wool trade, and was granted a charter of incorporation by Henry VII in 1488.
A turnpike road between London and Portsmouth was created in 1749 also later the roads across the Hog's Back and towards Leatherhead.
The most recent major change to the local road network was the opening of the A3 Guildford Bypass in 1934.
The Wey Navigation between Guildford and London was opened in 1653. The Wey had been used for navigation since ancient times.
Nine miles of new cuts and twelve locks were constructed between the Thames and Guildford. This had a positive impact on the economy of west Surrey. The Act also allowed passengers to be transported via the Wey, maximum fare capped at 1s, which was raised in 1671 to 1s 4d.
In the 1840s the arrival of the railways brought new investment, but slowly forced the closure of many coaching Inns.
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