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London Road, Northchapel - c.1975-77
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eMail May 2013
from Michael Talman
I have just been looking through your old photos of Northchapel. Among them is the one above, Ref 328.
I lived in Elm Cottages from 1967 - 1972, which is the white-washed building to the right of the Elm tree. The cottages were never white in that time. They were always unpainted pebble-dash. If you check the photo of the Swan dated c1970 ref 339, you can just about make out Elm Cottages in the centre of the photo and its clearly unpainted. The Three Counties Meat Company was Suter Family Butchers until at least 1974.
I left school in 1975 and I remember in my last year of school the butchers shop and adjoining house were empty for a while and a group of us boys and girls used to sneak through an open window at night and spend the night smoking and drinking. A few times PC Jones, the local bobby, came round shining his torch in the windows. I'm sure he knew we were in there but we always saw him coming with his torch so we were as quiet as we could be, even though we were giggling uncontrollably....
....PC Jones has long since retired. I actually bumped into him in Pulborough a few years back and we had a good laugh about all the mischief we used to get up to. We had a lot of village bobbies but he was by far the best, certainly in my time.
The new tree to replace the old elm tree was planted in 1977, according to the plaque on the stone surround, so that makes the photo to be somewhere between 1975 and 1977.
Mike Talman.

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