Portslade, Sussex,  - click image below to return
Train leaving Portslade for Brighton, Sussex, c.1910-14, Ref- 619 - click image below to return
Locomotive identified by Colin Paul as LB&SCR, Billinton D3 Class, 0-4-4T [see below] No.373 [ex-Billingshurst] constructed at Brighton Works, December 1892 - withdrawn November 1948.
Colin is a member of the Brighton Circle, a historical railway society devoted to the London Brighton & South Coast Railway.
Portslade, Sussex,  - click image to return
Ex-LB&SCR R. Billinton class D3/M No. 2380 was built July 1893 and withdrawn April 1953.
Ashford Locomotive Depot, photo by Ben Brooksbank, 7 July 1946, Ref- 642 - click image to return
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