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Heyshott school Social evening c.1950, Sussex - ref- 101 - click image to return
Showing Rev. Edgar Godwin sitting, girl standing front, Eileen Heel [nee Read].
As written by Eileen-
Rev Godwin seated in the middle - Dennis Brown on his right side, with I think his mother, then there is me, Eileen Read, then Jacky the youngest of the Jackson
girls sitting down - Mrs Baker I think is sitting next to Jacky - I believe that's Mrs Morton you can see over Rev Godwins shoulder on the right. Margaret Luft is
behind me with Maureen Jackson on her left with her sisters Daphnie and Eileen, to my left is I think Alan Taylor standing in front of Mrs Jones.
Mrs Wakefield is the lady wearing glasses and a hat, Mr Burns, one of out teachers, is the chap in the middle wearing glasses. Mrs Cafrey I think is standing
next to Mr Burns - Mrs Dudley and Mrs Chapman, wearing a hat, is on the third row behind me. Pat Campbell is in front of Mrs Chapman.
The Chandler boys, Victor, Robin and Roy are in the top left corner
We would be grateful for any further names, snippets or photos.
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