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Heyshott Pond

Marsh Pond

Heyshott village pond. With its fine views. A haven for wildlife and 'schoolroom' to many young anglers & naturalists. An asset that many communities would wish to own. These are the places that childhood memories are made of and a flame of interest in the natural world around them can be ignited.

A fine carp caught by Harley Howick of Northchapel August 2005. Like all fish caught here, it was carefully released after being photographed.

The patient lonely life of the serious fisherman and the long wait. On the first fishing trip of his life 4yr old Jake Przepiorka-May of Easebourne faces the elements, the loneliness and the ducks stealing his lunch to pursue 'Jaws' which he knows lurks here...somewhere. Hence the three floats...well it is a great white...! - - Summer 2005
Triumphant!! - A 'record breaking' Rudd
Tiny maybe..but the pride on this lads face says it all as he poses with his first catch. Not as much pleasure as he got returning it to the water though!!..and his first lessons in respecting the animal and the environment around him.
Local, Aaron Dixon holds the rod whilst the angler poses.

August 2005
This place is a mecca!! As I took the above photos and found excuses just to laze on the grass I marvelled at how much wildlife surrounded us here. Frogs were everywhere and the pond seemed to teem with fish jumping all around although the resident heron was trying desperately to keep the numbers down. Masses of flying insects from the largest of dragonflies to the smallest midge were being chased by swallows zooming just above the water whilst a large grass snake swam across the pond like a submarine snorkel. As it got darker the nightjars began calling and bats arrived to replace the swallows. We wandered off to the local Unicorn pub for some refreshment, full of the realisation of just how lucky we are to live here.
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regular tenants on the pond.
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Fishing on Heyshott pond is for members only. A years membership can be bought from the local bailiff.
The pond contains mostly carp, some quite large now, plus Rudd and Roach.

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